05 November 2007

How to Successfully Take Care of Guppies

Special for fish lovers, I'm a fish lover too.

1. Make sure you own a bare bottom tank. It should be at least 5 gallons, but it's better to have 10 gallons of water or more.

2. Make sure that there are box filters in your tanks, containing marbles and/or dolomite and filter floss.

3. Change about 20% to 40% of your water every 2-4 weeks, siphoning the debris from the bottom of the tank. The water should be aged or treated with a chlorine/chloramines remover if you have these chemicals in your water supply (if you're no sure, treat anyway).

4. The pH of the water should be in the range of 7-8

5. Make sure that you treat the water with a dechlorinator. For more info go to www.fishlore.com

6. The temperature should be between 66-84 degrees farenheit.

7. The guppies should get 10-12 hours of light a day. So, it would be economical to buy a timer for the light.

8. Don't overcrowd your guppies, around 1 adult per two-three gallons of water is acceptable (fry should be reared in seperate tanks or in the main tank with a divider. If you keep the parents and the fry together the parents will eat the fry.

9. For food, any kind of tropical fish food is acceptable, but should be mixed with a diet of frozen foods including bloodworms, tubifex and brine shrimp at least three times a week.


* Do not mix any large, predatory or aggressive fish with guppies.

* Always keep an eye on the water quality, it is the major cause of death in fish.

* NEVER put the adults and the fry in the same tank. The adults will eat them.

* NEVER put two male in the same tank with one female


  1. gue..juga pernah mmbela guppy...comel...
    jantan lagi attractive dr female..hehe..
    criusly...female..badn die grey je..kl ad pattern pun..on theirs tail...but..bl tgk female guppy bunting..really2 sedey..it show how the mother take a real good care for its child...

    ever heard guppy bersalin??hehe..guppy tak ltak egg die merata2...but..simpn lam storage mak die...usung ke mana..till la the day die mntas..and die kuar satu2...mcm biji2 itam..suddnly kuar ekor and started to swimming...syok...suke tgk guppy..pnah bele..and one thing..u gonna luv ur guppy if u bele it start from day 1 it live..where u look it change day by day..how it changed from little2 fish to a pattered guppy...snng je...pgi kdai aqaurium..blik female yg da gmuk2..yg da manayk tlur..harga sama(maybe)..(the las day i bought 80 sen for each-which ive use all my duit sek utk bli..syok punya pasai)..amik balik umah..no o2 pump required..ltak je..pastu tgk die..syok..special food utk guppy..huhu..die tak leh mkn biji2.yg ikn len..tak lpas mult nk mnln..bg die special meal-jejentik!!!hehe..

  2. Wah... Tak sangka kamu penah bela guppy. Huu~
    Now, both of are the Fish Lover. ;) Same interest. Cool!

  3. my guppy boy friend jumped out of the tank and died and i had him for 2 day's and i only i had 1 girl and i donn't know if she prengate she sometimes spit out her food and sometimes she by herself she in a tank w ith 2 goldfish there friends they don't hurt her and i do not know if her stomack is getting bigger or not! PLEASE HELP ME!

  4. i think u should place at separate tank and give her new friends. don't overfeed her. relatively, measure the amount of the food compare to her stomach. my guppies always died because of overfeed. don't overfeed your guppies even though they are looked excited to eat more.

    to ensure whether she is pregnant or not, compare her abdomen with that of same female guppy of her size. when, u are sure that she is pregnant, separate her from other adult guppies. i had once my guppy babies eaten by adult guppies because i lagged to put the pregnant guppy to other tank. and don't forget to give her enough food, so that she will not eat her own babies. that's all.

    plus, always monitor the quality of the water. i hope this can help you. good luck.

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