06 November 2007

Perasaan Yang Tak Menarik

Mengapa perasaan itu mencerobohi lagi
Setelah sekian lama aku menghalaunya
Aku lemas sekali lagi

Ingin aku menjerit dengan ungkapan benci kepada perasaan itu

Perasaan yang tak menarik itu
Penceroboh kejam yang merampas
Dan membantutkan keyakinan aku
Untuk membawa diri sebagai seorang perempuan

Hanya kerana aku tak seperti yang lain
Mengapa sekejam itu penceroboh hati ini menyeksa aku?

Aku benci orang yang membuatkan aku
Merasai kehadiran penceroboh itu
Bagaimana aku hendak mengusirnya?

Seperti sejarah hitam yang gelap
Aku tak mampu menghapuskan penceroboh itu
Dan sehingga kini luka lama masih belum sembuh
Mungkin lama lagi untuk
Aku lihat parut itu
Hadir di tepian hati ini

Perasaan yang tidak menarik itu
Penceroboh kewarasan akal dan kedamaian hati

05 November 2007

Guppy Care

Originally by Miley, published on September 13, 2006

Guppies may be small, but they are extremely colorful. The guppy would/could add the perfect touch to any freshwater aquarium. Guppies also come in so many different types, and they’re all compatible with each other.

Guppies are low maintenance, which means they don’t require a lot of your time. The average guppy stays around 3” long. They don’t require anything specific in their water, unless they are ill, and they don’t need a big tank.

A guppy only requires a 10 gallon aquarium to house about 20 guppies. It doesn’t matter whether or not the tank is long, high, short, fat, circle, square, they don’t care.

Yellow, blue, black, red, white, gold, green, orange, pink, purple, silver, and so many more, and guppies are usually more then just one solid color. Guppies are very pretty when you get a whole bunch of them and their all swimming and blending their colors.

Like I said before, the guppy doesn’t require specific things for their water unless they are sick. They do require special temperatures which are usually around 65-75 degrees F. The water in a guppy tank must be spring water no saltwater or anything.

Guppies will live anywhere from 2-5 years of age, but you must take care of them the best you possibly can.

All you need for a guppy tank is: about a 10 gallon aquarium for every 15-20 guppies, a couple plants to hide behind, a couple caves to hide in, a filtration system, air pump, and gravel. You can always add whatever you would like in your tank, but these just give you a little idea of the small requirements for your guppy(ies).

The pH in your guppy’s tank should be 7 to 8.5. if you have a little fluctuation in the pH level, it probably won’t harm your guppy, as long as it’s not too bad and you get it fixed rather quick.

It’s best to keep their tank mates around the same size as your guppies, and try to keep their temperaments the same too. Here’s a couple possible tank mate for the guppy: neon tetras, cardinal tetras, small catfish, small goldfish, dino fish, and others in these categories.

That’s pretty much all the general information that there is for a guppy. The bottom line is, they’re very peaceful fish, easy to care for, and they don’t require a lot.

How to Successfully Take Care of Guppies

Special for fish lovers, I'm a fish lover too.

1. Make sure you own a bare bottom tank. It should be at least 5 gallons, but it's better to have 10 gallons of water or more.

2. Make sure that there are box filters in your tanks, containing marbles and/or dolomite and filter floss.

3. Change about 20% to 40% of your water every 2-4 weeks, siphoning the debris from the bottom of the tank. The water should be aged or treated with a chlorine/chloramines remover if you have these chemicals in your water supply (if you're no sure, treat anyway).

4. The pH of the water should be in the range of 7-8

5. Make sure that you treat the water with a dechlorinator. For more info go to www.fishlore.com

6. The temperature should be between 66-84 degrees farenheit.

7. The guppies should get 10-12 hours of light a day. So, it would be economical to buy a timer for the light.

8. Don't overcrowd your guppies, around 1 adult per two-three gallons of water is acceptable (fry should be reared in seperate tanks or in the main tank with a divider. If you keep the parents and the fry together the parents will eat the fry.

9. For food, any kind of tropical fish food is acceptable, but should be mixed with a diet of frozen foods including bloodworms, tubifex and brine shrimp at least three times a week.


* Do not mix any large, predatory or aggressive fish with guppies.

* Always keep an eye on the water quality, it is the major cause of death in fish.

* NEVER put the adults and the fry in the same tank. The adults will eat them.

* NEVER put two male in the same tank with one female

04 November 2007

Hujan Keroncong ~ Adibah Noor (OST Mukhsin)

Mega mendung di angkasa
Hembusan bayu dingin terasa
Gerimis berderai di merata
Bagai mutiara

Rahmat dibawa bersama
Limpahannya meresap dijiwa
Adakala bahgia terasa
Meskipun duka nestapa

Tika hujan turun
Sayup mendayu lagu keroncong
Merdu irama dialun

Hujan membasahi bumi
Melahirkan keluhuran budi
Mengeratkan perpaduan suci
Kasih sayang abadi
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